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Is work stress driving you nuts? Only 51% of employers in Singapore are ready to help

The Straits Times
If you work in a fast-paced environment like Singapore, you're probably familiar with the symptoms of stress. Politics and workload are just two unavoidable ways that your job can stress you out. Stress is no laughing matter either. If not managed properly, it can be detrimental to both your physical and mental health. Stressed employees could also cost the company when workers become less productive, or cause them to need more time off, be compensated for stress-related illnesses, or worse - cause them to feel compelled to leave the firm. In a new study by Aon, a global professional services firm, 72 per cent of employers in Singapore said they considered stress and mental health an issue affecting productivity. However, only 51 per cent have emotional and psychological wellness programmes in place for their workers. Furthermore, only 62 per cent of Singapore organisations indicated that they have plans to implement such programmes in the future. It begs the question, are Singapore companies failing to promote mental health programmes among their workforce? Tim Dwyer, CEO of Aon health & benefits, Asia Pacific, thinks so. "Employers in Asia have proactively implemented physical wellness programmes, but have been unwilling to promote mental health ones. However, our recent study showed that Singapore employers now view their employees' health and well-being - both physical and mental - as a top three focus area," he says. We can only hope that Singapore employers will start to recognise mental health as an area of focus, and do more to keep employees sane at work.

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