Everything we know about Google’s upcoming smartphone, the Pixel 2

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Google’s original Pixel smartphone is so good that it could be easy to forget to check the latest rumors surrounding its successor, which we’ll call the Pixel 2 for now.

While the rumor mill doesn’t focus as much on Google’s Pixel phones as it does on devices like the next iPhone or Galaxy phone, there still are a few rumored details worth sharing.

Overall, it looks like we can expect some decent improvements over the original Pixel, including in its camera and design. We’re also expecting Google to fill some gaps in features, like water resistance, in the Pixel 2.

Check out everything we know about Google’s new Pixel 2 smartphones:

There will be two new Pixel models.


At first, it was rumored that Google had two new Pixel models with the code names “Muskie” and “Walleye.” Most recently, however, it appears that Google has canceled Muskie, which was supposed to be the larger of the two devices. Muskie has been replaced with an even larger model with the code name “Taimen,” according to Android Police.

The larger model will have a huge screen.


According to XDA, a mobile-developer website, the larger Pixel model will have a 5.99-inch display with a 1440p (2K) resolution.

The larger model will be made by LG.

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The site 9to5Google found a bug report that suggests that LG will manufacture Google’s larger Pixel 2 model.

The larger model could have stereo speakers, but that could come with a compromise.

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XDA claims that Google may add a second speaker to the larger Pixel 2, making for a stereo audio setup. However, adding that second speaker may cost the larger Pixel 2 its headphone jack.

The smaller model will have a more modest screen.

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According to XDA, the smaller Pixel 2 model will have a 4.97-inch screen with a more basic 1080p resolution.

The smaller model is said to be made by HTC, the manufacturer behind the original Pixels.

It’s believed throughout the rumor mill that HTC will manufacture the smaller Pixel model.

Unlike the original Pixel models, the new Pixels will have different designs.

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The larger Pixel model is said to be a more premium device, with a higher-end design and thinner borders around the display, according to XDA. Supposedly, Google will keep the original Pixel’s glass panel on the back of the device, but it’ll make it smaller on the new larger Pixel 2.

The differing designs line up nicely with the rumors that two different manufacturers will be producing the new Pixel smartphones. Indeed, the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P smartphones that came out before the original Pixels were also made by two different manufacturers. The 5X was made by LG, and had a decidedly different design than the 6P, which was made by Huawei.

Both devices will run on powerful processors and average RAM.

(A previous generation of Snapdragon’s mobile chip, the Snapdragon 820)
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Both new Pixel 2 models will have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor currently found in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and OnePlus 5, which means it’ll have plenty of power. With that said, the Snapdragon 835 will be a relatively older chip by the time the new Pixels are announced.

XDA also mentioned that both models will come with 4GB of RAM, which is about average for premium Android smartphones. It should be perfectly sufficient for switching back and forth several apps during a regular day.

The Pixel 2 phones will have great cameras.


According to 9to5Google, a good chunk of Google’s Pixel 2 development is centered around the devices’ camera. Supposedly, Google is looking to “master” low-light photography. The camera is also said to have a relatively conservative megapixel count, and that it’ll compensate with “extra features.”

The original Pixels’ camera is already excellent, so we’re excited to see what improvements Google will implement.

The Pixel 2 smartphones might be water resistant.

The original Pixels lacked water resistance, but “waterproofing” is “definitely” coming to the Pixel 2 phones, according to a source who spoke with 9to5Google managing editor Stephen Hall.

They’ll probably be released in October, and details about pricing is still too inconsistent to be useful.


Google announced the original Pixel in October 2016, so we’d expect the new models to be announced around October this year.