Harvey Weinstein’s estranged wife runs one of the most exclusive fashion labels — and now it’s in jeopardy

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  • Harvey Weinstein’s estranged wife has pulled her brand out of New York Fashion Week.
  • Georgina Chapman is a co-founder of the fashion label Marchesa.
  • Chapman’s career at Marchesa is tightly tied to her husband’s success. Stars of Weinstein-backed productions, including Renée Zellweger, Cate Blanchett, and Blake Lively, have worn Marchesa designs on the red carpet.

Harvey Weinstein’s estranged wife has pulled out of New York Fashion Week, the New York Post reported.

The sexual-harassment allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein have put his wife, fashion designer Georgina Chapman, in a difficult position. Chapman, who co-founded the fashion label Marchesa, left Weinstein in October and is set to receive $15-$20 million in a divorce settlement that has yet to be filed in court.

According to the New York Post, Chapman was too afraid to go through with the Fashion Week show, which was scheduled for February 14.

In a statement to the press, the label said: “Marchesa is looking forward to presenting their Fall 18 collection in an updated format this season.”

Chapman’s career as the co-founder of Marchesa is tightly tied to her husband’s success. Stars of Weinstein-backed productions, including Renée Zellweger, Cate Blanchett, and Blake Lively, have worn Marchesa on the red carpet, and rumors have floated for years that Weinstein pushed actresses to wear the fashion brand. With the allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Weinstein, many are wondering whether Marchesa will disappear from the red carpet altogether.

“No star is ever going to want to wear the brand again,” The Hollywood Reporter quoted an unnamed New York fashion publicist as saying in October, after Weinstein was ousted from The Weinstein Company, the studio he founded.

Here’s the story of how Chapman’s Marchesa became a red-carpet mainstay – and how her fate became intertwined with her husband’s.

Georgina Chapman founded Marchesa with Keren Craig in 2004. The same year, Chapman, then a 28-year-old former model from England, began dating Harvey Weinstein.

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A 2007 Teen Vogue article — spotted by Jezebel — says Marchesa caught on with Hollywood starlets after Renée Zellweger wore a gown from the line to the premiere of “Bridget Jones.” “Bridget Jones” was distributed by Miramax, which Weinstein founded, and Zellweger thanked Weinstein during her Oscar speech in 2004.

“Maybe I helped, but just very, very little, with Renée Zellweger,” Weinstein told Vogue in 2013.

Source: Vogue

Marchesa quickly caught on in Hollywood, with stars like Diane Kruger and Cate Blanchett wearing Marchesa dresses on the red carpet.

Rumors circulated that many stars were wearing Marchesa as a favor to Weinstein.

“Competitors complain that Marchesa dresses are worn on the red carpet because the stars and their agents, managers, and lawyers need to please the powerful Weinstein, who, along with his brother, has just started his own film company,” the Los Angeles Times said in 2006. “Say the word ‘Marchesa’ and publicists groan.”

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“Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman has declared that she wants everyone to be wearing her frocks to the Emmys this year,” New York magazine’s Daily Intelligencer blog said in 2007. “Don’t worry, GC: We’re sure Harvey Weinstein will make sure anyone with even the most remote silver-screen aspirations won’t have any other choice.”

Source: New York magazine

“Eager to help Chapman, Weinstein strongly suggested that the stars of his movies wear Marchesa gowns for big events,” The New York Times said in a profile of the stylist Rachel Zoe in 2007. “‘I also put the gowns on my girls,’ Zoe said.”

Source: The New York Times

Chapman had a stint as an actress, appearing in “Factory Girl,” “Derailed,” “Grindhouse,” and “The Nanny Diaries” — all films produced by Weinstein.

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Chapman’s acting career was short-lived. However, her dresses continued to flood the red carpet and pop up on magazine covers.

It was rare for a red carpet not to feature at least one Marchesa gown.

Weinstein has long been friends with Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour. Both Weinstein and Chapman were front-row fashion-show fixtures.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

The Weinstein Company produces “Project Runway,” which debuted in 2004. Chapman appeared as a judge on “Project Runway: All Stars” starting in 2012.

Allegations against Weinstein have surfaced before. In 2015, Chapman was “furious” and embarrassed after an Italian model said Weinstein groped her, the New York Daily News reported — though Chapman never released a public statement about the incident.

Source: The New York Daily News

“They both benefited from the relationship, but she certainly knew about his bad behavior,” an LA fashion publicist told The Hollywood Reporter.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Marchesa did not respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

Isabela Moner wearing Marchesa at the US premiere of “Transformers: The Last Knight” in June.
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On Monday, People reported that sources said Chapman was “really mad” but “not even really at Harvey,” but on the impact on Marchesa.

Source: People

“My heart breaks for all the women who have suffered tremendous pain because of these unforgivable actions. I have chosen to leave my husband. Caring for my young children is my first priority and I ask the media for privacy at this time,” Chapman said in a statement to People when the allegations against her husband surfaced in October.

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Chapman and Weinstein have two children together: India Pearl, 7, and Dashiell Max Robert, 4.

Source: People