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Derrick Rose would reportedly leave $80 million on the table with Adidas if he retires

Derrick Rose signed a 13-year, $185 million deal with Adidas in 2012, but would lose a lot of remaining money if he decides to retire.

Nike and Adidas are trying opposite strategies to dominate the US

Nike and Adidas are two of the small number of retail companies faring well in the retail apocalypse, but they disagree on how to reach their customers.
Adidas is defying all the trends.

Adidas is defying the American curse that’s haunting Nike and Under Armour

While Nike and Under Armour falter, Adidas just keeps gaining steam in North America — and it's easy to see why.
Adidas has launched a brand-new app focused on personalization.

Adidas just launched a new shopping app that learns what you like

Adidas has revamped its mobile experience with a new app that only suggests only things customers are interested in.

SUNTRUST: Under Armour isn’t necessarily in control of its own destiny

Under Armour's stock price plummeted after the company's earnings report and its near-term future isn't looking bright.

Under Armour has crashed 75% from its highs — here’s the bull case

Under Armour's stock took a beating on Tuesday after poor earnings, but there still might be hope for the company.

Under Armour is plummeting after earnings

Under Armour didn't fare well after its earnings report, and compeition in the atheltic apparel space is hot, making it harder for the company to fight back.

Shoe aficionado Marc Benioff just revealed his new kicks for Dreamforce — and they’re a lot more discreet than in past years

The CEO of Salesforce looked to Adidas for a more subtle approach to footwear than he has in past years.

Nike is going through a ‘massive transformation’ to keep pace with the competition

Nike's hold on the market has become more tenuous recently, so the company is reinventing itself to stay relevant.

Nike’s biggest sneaker advantage could become its biggest liability

Nike has 26,000 stores across North America, but digital upstarts with only a handful of retail locations are rapidly encroaching on its kingdom.