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Singapore is on the brink of a ‘demographic time bomb’

Singapore's low fertility rate and aging population have put the country on a dangerous path, a new report claims.
Neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki

A neuroscientist is trying to create tailored ‘exercise prescriptions’ for aging to keep the brain sharp

Wendy Suzuki says working out will "change the trajectory of your life for the better." Her forthcoming startup might dole out exercise prescriptions.

You might have more control over aging than you think — here are 5 things you can do to slow it down

A Nobel Prize-winning biologist explains how you can take control of your shortening chromosomes and slow down the aging process.

The age your brain matures at everything — it isn’t even fully developed until age 25

Neuroscientists are confirming what car rental places already knew — the brain doesn't fully mature until age 25.

7 things you peak at in life after age 50, according to science

Aging can seem like a scary prospect, but scientists have found a number of traits and skills don't peak until people hit their 50th birthday.

8 signs Japan has become a ‘demographic time bomb’

The last two decades in Japan have been marked by low fertility rates and a shrinking economy. Here are some of the more tangible signs the country needs help.

Here are the ages you peak at everything throughout life

No matter how old you are right now, there's always something to look forward to.

Japan has a record 68,000 people over 100 years old — and the economy can’t keep up

New data shows that Japan has broken its previous record for the number of people living past their 100th birthday.

There’s new evidence that Silicon Valley’s favorite diet could help delay aging

A new study in animals suggests that significantly slashing calorie intake could come with some positive benefits, but more studies in people are needed.