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Guess which two North American countries made the list?

The 20 most unhealthy countries in the world

These are the countries that have the highest rates of obesity and drink and smoke the most.
Whisky tasting.

This is the difference between scotch, bourbon, and rye

The "mash bill" — list of ingredients — plays a part.
Business Insider created a step-by-step guide of everything you should eat and drink while dealing with a hangover

What you should eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner when you’re hungover, according to a nutritionist

Business Insider has created a step-by-step hangover survival guide of what to eat and drink — and exactly when — to help you through the festive season.

What your daily routine should look like, according to science

Wondering what to eat for breakfast? What the optimal time for coffee is? How long you need to workout to see results? You're in the right place.
Me, learning about wine at Wine Riot.

We asked 2 sommeliers how to impress a date with your wine order, even when you don’t know anything

Two sommeliers at Wine Riot gave us their advice on ordering wine like a pro.
Expect something tamer.

Holiday office parties as we know them are dying

Fewer companies are hosting holiday parties — and the companies that are celebrating plan to serve less alcohol.
We had mixed feelings about Smith & Sinclair's edible cocktails.

We tried the ‘edible alcohol’ that could replace cocktails — here’s the verdict

Smith & Sinclair makes edible cocktails that are based on drinks made from rum, whisky, vodka, and gin.