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Donald Trump

Trump just rolled out his massive new tariffs — here’s what we know about them

President Donald Trump's new tariffs will exclude Canada and Mexico and start in 15 days.
President Donald Trump

Trump’s new tariffs just got a brutal review

Only 31% of people surveyed By Quinnipiac University said they supported President Trump's new steel and aluminum tariffs, 50% said they were opposed.

Gary Cohn is making a desperate effort to stop Trump’s trade war before it starts — and if he doesn’t, he may leave

Gary Cohn and other White House officials are trying to get President Donald Trump to soften his new tariffs on steel and aluminum.
President Donald Trump.

Trump’s massive new tariffs could end up costing America 146,000 jobs

The Trade Partnership found President Donald Trump's proposed steel and aluminum tariffs could add 33,464 jobs but cost the US 179,334 jobs in other industries.
President Donald Trump

Trump just laid out his demands for 2 of the US’s signature allies to get around his massive new tariffs

President Donald Trump said Canada and Mexico could be exempted from the new steel and aluminum tariffs if they agreed to a "new & fair NAFTA agreement."
President Donald Trump

Trump’s newest economic move could cause the price of everything from cars to beer to rise — here’s what tariffs are, and how they c...

President Donald Trump's new tariff is a tax on imports of steel and aluminum and could cause the price of everything from soup to cars to go up.

Trump became ‘unglued’ and started a trade war on impulse

President Donald Trump reportedly announced new tariffs on Thursday on key imports out of anger.
Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross

One of Trump’s top trade advisers held up a can of Campbell’s soup to argue that Trump’s massive tariffs are ‘no big deal̵...

Wilbur Ross used cans of beer, soup, and soda to illustrate his argument that President Donald Trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum would not hurt consumers.
Gary Cohn and Donald Trump

Gary Cohn is reportedly eyeing the exits after losing the fight over Trump’s shocking economic announcement

White House economic adviser Gary Cohn is reportedly considering leaving the White House after President Trump's announcement on steel and aluminum tariffs.