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Trump’s massive tariff announcement is twisting the political world in knots

Conservative groups panned the tariffs implemented by President Trump on Thursday while liberals praised the plan and beneficial to US workers.

Republicans are freaking out about Trump’s massive new tariffs

Republicans are distraught over President Trump's proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum. But many are unsure about action they are to take to stop a trade war.
FILE PHOTO -- Steel coils at the ThyssenKrupp Steel USA factory are pictured in Calvert

Wall Street is loving US Steel as it gears up for Trump’s tariffs

The stock has received a number of upgrades across Wall Street — a sign investors believe tariffs will come to fruition.

Trump’s new tariffs could hit these US states the hardest

Some states import a lot of steel and aluminum.

Industrial stocks are getting whacked as Trump’s new tariffs grow ever closer

Caterpillar was down 1.77% in trading Wednesday morning, GE was down 1.13%, and Boeing was down 0.81%.

Steel stocks jump as Gary Cohn’s resignation signals Trump’s tariffs are coming

The largest US steel makers rose on news that Gary Cohn will step down over disagreement with President Donald Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs.
President Donald Trump

Trump’s new tariffs just got a brutal review

Only 31% of people surveyed By Quinnipiac University said they supported President Trump's new steel and aluminum tariffs, 50% said they were opposed.
President Donald Trump.

Trump’s massive new tariffs could end up costing America 146,000 jobs

The Trade Partnership found President Donald Trump's proposed steel and aluminum tariffs could add 33,464 jobs but cost the US 179,334 jobs in other industries.
President Donald Trump

Trump’s newest economic move could cause the price of everything from cars to beer to rise — here’s what tariffs are, and how they c...

President Donald Trump's new tariff is a tax on imports of steel and aluminum and could cause the price of everything from soup to cars to go up.