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The Galaxy S8 wouldn't even reach its first birthday when the Galaxy S9 is announced.

Samsung will release the successor to the Galaxy S8 earlier than expected

The Galaxy S8 wouldn't even reach its first birthday when the Galaxy S9 is announced.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Google is launching 3 new experimental apps on both Android and the iPhone

One of the apps is launching on both iOS and Android, while the other two are exclusive to one platform or the other.

A ton of great games came out this year — these are the 10 best

It's been quite a year. At least we've got good games to play, eh?
This is "HQ Trivia," the delightful trivia app that's taken iPhone by storm.

‘HQ Trivia’ isn’t on Android yet, but a very similar game called ‘The Q’ is — here’s what it’s like to...

After playing a few games of "The Q" last week, I'm here to tell you what it is and what it isn't.

The biggest iPhone game of 2017, HQ Trivia, is coming to Android for Christmas

Get ready, HQties! HQ Trivia is finally headed to Android, just in time for Christmas.

Android creator Andy Rubin is back at his phone startup after allegations of an ‘inappropriate’ relationship at Google

Android creator and Essential CEO Andy Rubin has returned to his smartphone startup.
Oracle executive chairman Larry Ellison

Oracle is trying to get Google to pay it a lot of money for Android, again

In 2016, a jury ruled in favor of Google, saying Google's use of bits of Oracle code in Android constituted "fair use." But Oracle is appealing that verdict.

Here’s your first look at all the new emoji coming next year

Unicode just released the beta versions of the 2018 emojis and redheads, bagels, and kangaroos are on the list.

REVIEW: The new Razer Phone looks out of place in 2017, but it has one great feature that no other phone has

You've never seen Android and games work this smoothly on any other smartphone.