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The new Nokia 8 phone lets you take ‘bothies’ along with selfies — here’s what that means

The new Nokia 8 smartphone has an odd but interesting new camera mode that takes not just selfies, but "bothies."

The first high-end ‘Nokia’ phone in years has been announced

The Nokia 8 is the first premium Nokia-but-not-really-Nokia phone to arrive since Finnish startup HMD Global brought back the iconic brand last year.

The Essential phone by the cofounder of Android will be shipping sooner than expected

Andy Rubin sent out an email on Wednesday to customers who pre-ordered the smartphone stating that they should expect it to ship in the next 7 days

This mini wearable camera wants to be like a GoPro for your everyday life

The Front Row is a wearable camera designed by Ubiquiti to capture and share whatever you're doing without a smartphone.

Why some Android phones can charge so much faster than Apple’s iPhone

The magic that lets Android smartphone batteries charge up so quickly is all in the chips.

This eye-catching new phone out of China is a great example of where the future of smartphones is headed

Japanese tech company Sharp has announced the Aquos S2, a new handset that encapsulates the major design trends for smartphones in 2017.

You can now get the OnePlus 5 in gold

One of the best Android phones you can buy gets the gold color treatment.

Everything we know about Google’s upcoming smartphone, the Pixel 2

The first Pixel was so good that we almost forgot about the next one.

You can now get Google’s Pixel smartphones for up to $200 off

Google's flagship Pixel smartphones are finally in stock — and on sale. You can even get the limited edition "Really Blue" model.