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A former Facebook executive and Princeton dropout built an app that lets you impersonate Donald Trump

A new iOS app provides an unlimited number of ways to mimic the president.

Here’s how to play HQ Trivia, the smartphone game from a red-hot startup rumored to be worth $100 million

The latest from Vine's creators is HQ Trivia, a unique trivia app with two live game sessions everyday at 3pm ET and 6pm ET where winners split a cash prize.

I tried a viral app that ‘pays you’ to walk outside — here’s how it went

Sweatcoin tracks your outdoor steps and lets you earn coins you can use to buy health classes or fitness equipment.

A Stanford researcher is pioneering a dramatic shift in how we treat depression — and you can try her new app right now

Woebot is a free therapy chatbot created by a clinical psychologist at Stanford University. It launched as a stand-alone app in January.
Natural Cycles founders Elina Berglund Raoul Schewitzl

The first app to get approved as birth-control is under fire after dozens of women got pregnant — but the founder isn’t surprised

A hospital reported 37 women using the Natural Cycles app as contraception got pregnant. Co-founder Raoul Scherwitzl says he isn't surprised.

How to use Google’s mega-hit viral app, which compares your selfies to famous works of art.

Keep seeing friends posting their selfies compared with famous artworks? Those are coming from a free Google app. Here's how to get it and use it.

How to buy and sell bitcoin using one of the most popular cryptocurrency apps on the iPhone

The value of one bitcoin was recently over $11,000, but it continues to fluctuate wildly.
Adidas has launched a brand-new app focused on personalization.

Adidas just launched a new shopping app that learns what you like

Adidas has revamped its mobile experience with a new app that only suggests only things customers are interested in.

The founder of the Tortilla restaurant chain has launched the ‘ultimate events app’ to cure FOMO for good

According to Brandon Stephens, there's an app for everything — except for events. That's until REVL came along.