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What Apple CEO Tim Cook says he’d do if he were ‘king for a day’

Apple's CEO reads comments from customers every day.
Models pose for photographs with a LG electronics' new V20 premium smartphone during its unveiling ceremony in Seoul

10 smartphone camera features that make you feel like a professional photographer

If you've ever taken a stellar shot on your smartphone and felt like you could be the next Annie Leibovitz, you may have one or more of these features to thank.
Apple CEO Tim Cook takes a selfie with fans.

Apple fixed a flaw that let people ‘bomb’ your iPhone and cause it to stop working

People had discovered that certain series of Telugu or Bengali characters could cause iOS apps to crash and fall into a reboot loop, making the phone unusuable.
Both Apple and Samsung could use more of this enthusiasm.

Weak iPhone X demand isn’t just hurting Apple — it’s also causing problems for Samsung

Samsung was predicted to make more money from the iPhone X than from its own flagship phones.

Some people are exploiting the latest Apple bug to crash your iPhone via Twitter

An update is apparently on its way, but it's unclear when exactly Apple is going to release it.

Apple’s ‘white ring’ problem reflects a surprising lapse in quality control, but industrial design experts say it shouldn’t be...

Industrial design experts are surprised that Apple didn't catch the HomePod white ring problem during quality assurance testing.
A still from a spoof of Apple's "What's a computer?" ad.

Apple is being mocked in a hilarious video spoof of the ‘What’s a computer?’ ad many find infuriating

Apple's commercial has struck a tone with some customers, and one comedian has taken advantage of that.

You can now get an iPhone 7 for half the price of an iPhone X, and it’s a total steal

You'd still get the premium iPhone experience for $200 less than a brand new iPhone.