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"Black Panther."

‘Black Panther’ wins the box-office for the 5th straight weekend — a first since ‘Avatar’

"Black Panther" has pulled off the extremely rare fifth-straight weekend box office win.
Disney CEO Bob Iger.

How Hollywood will fundamentally change after the Disney-Fox deal

The loss of the "big six" movie studios with the combination of Disney and 20th Century Fox will be a major adjustment for Hollywood.
Kate Winslet.

Kate Winslet will star in ‘Avatar’ film series, reuniting with ‘Titanic’ director James Cameron after 20 years

Two decades after working with director James Cameron on "Titanic," Kate Winslet is now joining Cameron's ongoing "Avatar" film series in a starring role.
James Cameron.

James Cameron doubles-down on calling the success of ‘Wonder Woman’ a ‘step backwards’

Director James Cameron still feels "Wonder Woman" wasn't groundbreaking.

8 years after the original, the ‘Avatar’ sequels have finally begun production on a $1 billion budget

The four "Avatar" sequels have begun shooting and has a collective budget of over $1 billion.

The ‘Avatar’ sequels are delayed for the 4th time

James Cameron will be making the four "Avatar" sequels are the same time, and he's not rushing the process.

3D TV is dead

Sony and LG won't make any more 3D TVs.

How James Cameron is pushing boundaries to make ‘Avatar’ sequels unlike anything you’ve seen

Director James Cameron wants to make his "Avatar" sequels more breathtaking than the original, and he's testing what's possible in 3D.

James Cameron reveals a key plot detail for the upcoming ‘Avatar’ sequels

James Cameron has shed some light on the central plot of his upcoming four sequels to "Avatar," which grossed over 2.7 billion worldwide.

I finally watched ‘Avatar’ for the first time, and it has one glaring problem

Seven years after the highest-grossing movie took over the world, I checked out what the "Avatar" fuss was all about.