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US airlines have said goodbye to the 747 — but these foreign airlines still fly the iconic plane

As Delta retires the last US-based 747, opportunities to fly on the famous plane are shrinking.
A Ryanair plane.

Ryanair is applying for a UK aviation licence to protect itself from a hard Brexit

The move is designed to avoid any complications that could emerge if the UK and EU cannot strike a deal around aviation rules during Brexit negotiations.
Aerial shot of the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne, Australia

What it’s like to fly aboard the Blackshape Prime, a private aircraft dubbed the ‘Ferrari of the Sky’

I was one of the first people in Australia to fly aboard a new luxury two-seater Blackshape Prime plane and it was like driving a sports car in the sky.
Carolyn McCall, the outgoing CEO of easyJet.

easyJet’s share price pops 6% despite a 17% dive in profits

The budget airline took a £101 million hit from adverse currency movements but revenue rose 5% as rivals went bust or struggled with operational issues.

What happens when a bird flies into a plane engine

They're called bird strikes.
Eugene Burton Ely flies his Curtiss Pusher biplane from the USS Birmingham, in Hampton Roads, Virginia, during the afternoon of November 14, 1910.

107 years ago, the Navy launched a plane from a ship for the first time

Eugene Ely's biplane successfully took off from the USS Birmingham on November 14, 1910, narrowly avoiding a collision with the water.

China is building a mega-airport in Beijing that will open in 2019

In China, construction is underway for one of the biggest airports in the world. Beijing Daxing Airport is scheduled to open in 2019.

6 ways the future of flying will be amazing

A major change in the airline industry happens once every decade or two. We are currently in such a generational shift.
Monarch is no more.

What brought down Monarch, the UK’s biggest ever airline collapse

The combination of a weak pound since the Brexit referendum, an increase in terrorist attacks in the Middle East and Europe, and Brexit uncertainty killed it.