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Don't freak out.

There’s one type of person you should always fire as fast as possible

The real-estate mogul Barbara Corcoran says she kept The Corcoran Group a safe and happy place to work by getting rid of complainers immediately.

Barbara Corcoran says having brains without beauty isn’t enough to get ahead

Real-estate mogul and "Shark Tank" investor Barbara Corcoran says business people should play up anything that makes them unique.
Poor kids may wind up better entrepreneurs, says Barbara Corcoran, pictured.

Why ‘Shark Tank’ investor Barbara Corcoran is convinced rich kids have a disadvantage over poor kids in business

Real-estate mogul and multimillionaire Barbara Corcoran says poor kids are "hungrier" and "used to failure," meaning they make better entrepreneurs.
He said she'd never succeed without him — she proved him wrong. Barbara Corcoran pictured.

Barbara Corcoran’s ex-boyfriend dumped her for her secretary — and it was the best thing to happen to her career

After the breakup, Barbara Corcoran told herself, "I’ll be damned if you ever see me not succeed." Today, she's a real-estate mogul and a Shark Tank star.

After getting a brutal rejection, Barbara Corcoran spent 8 minutes writing a powerful email defending herself — and it changed the next 9 years ...

In 2008, Barbara Corcoran was nearly rejected from "Shark Tank." So she wrote the studio owner a letter that persuaded him to give her another shot.

Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran reveals how getting dumped for her secretary and sending 1 gutsy email helped turn her into a business mogul

Barbara Corcoran was one of 10 kids in a working-class New Jersey family. Here's how she got from there to "Shark Tank."

The cofounder of a ‘Shark Tank’ success story shares the excellent advice Barbara Corcoran gave him during his first year in business

Barbara Corcoran has helped guide Cousins Maine Lobster to $20 million in sales, at a profit.

Barbara Corcoran’s favorite ‘Shark Tank’ entrepreneurs share the best advice she’s given them

Barbara Corcoran's "all-stars" explained how she helped them develop highly successful businesses.

Barbara Corcoran says standing up to Donald Trump 30 years ago was a pivotal moment in her life

"Shark Tank" investor and former real estate maven said she achieved a new level of confidence after facing Donald Trump in the '80s.

Barbara Corcoran shares her best career advice for 20-somethings

"Shark Tank" star Barbara Corcoran, who started what became a huge real estate business at 24, offers advice on finding direction.