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The most popular way of avoiding bathroom germs is bogus — here’s what you should do instead

Keep this in mind for your next trip to a public bathroom stall.

Oklahoma’s new bathroom law will cost small businesses $2.3 million — and people are furious

Oklahoma passed a law that will require restaurants and other businesses with public bathrooms to spend roughly $2.3 million on signs to reduce abortions.

This is the bathroom stall you should choose every time if you want the cleanest one, according to science

Public bathrooms can be pretty gross. But at least science can point us toward the least-gross toilets.

Boeing has built an airplane bathroom that cleans itself

The prototype lavatory uses UV light to disinfect surfaces.

This pizza restaurant’s bathroom sign is receiving national attention

Pure Pizza of Charlotte, North Carolina, is generating buzz for an unexpected reason: a note hanging inside its unisex bathroom.

These 10 creatively designed restrooms were just deemed America’s best

From a 50-foot toilet in the middle of an Alabama park to a bathroom plastered with "The Far Side" comics.