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Check out all the cool cars at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show

The Detroit Auto Show is all about pickups, SUVs — and a few surprises.

Inside the $350 million Emirates complex designed to fix the Airbus A380 superjumbo

Emirates Engineering is tasked with keeping world's largest fleet of Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s fly safely.

The coolest and craziest concept cars revealed so far this year

Lexus, Toyota, and Nissan have revealed some of the best concept cars we've seen this year.
The fee could go into effect in 2020.

Some drivers may be forced to pay up to $25.34 to drive in NYC’s busiest areas starting in 2020

A panel created by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has proposed charging a fee to drivers who enter Manhattan's busiest areas on work days.

Delta is cracking down on people who use fake emotional-support animals to let their pets fly for free

Delta is cracking down on people who try to get their pets to fly for free by saying they're emotional-support animals.
Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian.

Delta’s CEO says the nastiest rivalry in the airline industry is more complex than people think

Delta CEO Ed Bastian sounds off on Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar Airways.

British Airways is making a big change to its economy class that passengers will love

British Airways has launched a new expanded catering catering service in the economy cabin on long-haul flights.
While we don't know what the iNext will look like yet, BMW has released concepts hinting at what future cars may look like.

BMW claims its upcoming Tesla rival will have almost double the range of a Model 3

BMW said its upcoming iNext electric vehicle will be able to drive up to 435 miles per charge.
Mercedes-Benz's G-Wagon is the oldest model series the brand still produces.

Mercedes-Benz updated one of its most legendary vehicles — and it looks impressive

Mercedes-Benz revealed its 2018 G-Series SUV on Monday.
An Emirates Airbus A380 in a two-class configuration.

Airbus just landed the $16 billion Emirates deal it needs to save the iconic A380 superjumbo

Emirates has agreed to acquire as many as 36 Airbus A380 superjumbos worth $16 billion.