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Trump’s budget director called the new food stamp grocery delivery service a ‘Blue Apron-type program’ — but there are some ma...

The USDA's Harvest Box program would deliver groceries to recipients of SNAP, or food stamps, but it is nowhere close to a "Blue Apron-type program."

Just six months after Blue Apron went public, its growth has come to a screeching halt

The app-based food delivery service once tantalized investors with fast-paced growth and leadership in an emerging market. No more.

Blue Apron’s CEO is out

Blue Apron shares have crashed 70% since the company went public at the end of June.

Blue Apron sales beat expectations, shares jump

The number of Blue Apron customers declined in the third quarter as the company spent less on marketing.

Blue Apron is laying off hundreds of workers

On Wednesday, Blue Apron laid off 6% of its total workforce, the company announced in a filing.

Traders can’t stop betting against battered Blue Apron

Short sellers are cranking up bets against Blue Apron's stock, even though it's already trading at roughly half of its IPO price.

Blue Apron lays off employees and halts hiring as the food kit company struggles post-IPO

Blue Apron has struggled since its disappointing IPO in June.

Blue Apron pops as a hedge fund which made $300 million on Whole Foods discloses an investment

Blue Apron's stock price is getting a boost after Jana Partners disclosed a sizable stake in the company. Jana is known for its activist investing tactics.

Wall Street analysts had a brutal assessment of Blue Apron’s prospects

The meal delivery company brought in more revenue than expected, but other metrics — and a falling stock price — leave analysts unconvinced.

An unprofitable yoga chain is making a 2nd attempt at an IPO — for way less money

Just three weeks removed from pulling its first attempt at an IPO, YogaWorks is trying again, but at two-thirds of the potential valuation previously sought.