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Velcro wants you to stop using the term ‘Velcro’ incorrectly — a catchy music video explains why

The team at Velcro has made a music video about the ways in which people misuse the brand's name incorrectly.

What 21 famous companies’ websites looked like when they launched — and how they look today

Coca-Cola and McDonald's weren't nearly as tech-savvy as they are now.

Primark has finally told customers how you pronounce its name — and Twitter is going crazy

One tweet reads: "Just read an article stating that some people actually pronounce Primark as "Pree-Mark." Who are these people? Why are they not in prison?"

Poopy diapers and mashed peas: How Babies R Us plans to reach millennial parents through its biggest ever rebrand

Babies R Us is promising to make consumers better prepared as a part of its biggest ever rebrand and marketing push since its inception.

‘My immediate thought was no way:’ Why Bonobos’ founder made the ‘contrarian’ decision to sell his brand to Walmart

"Our company exists as a series of contrarian decisions," Bonobos founder and CEO said after sales to Walmart.

The 10 most purchased brands in the world

The ranking is based on how many households around the world are buying each brand and how often.

More than a third of consumers say they’re unlikely to shop at retailers selling Trump products

According to a new report by Morning Consult, 35% of consumers say they are less likely to shop at stores that carry Trump clothing and home furnishings.

Crafty advertisers are using tongue-in-cheek ads to attract Americans set on moving to Canada

Companies and brands are using the US election to make it easier than ever for Americans to move to Canada

Consumer perception of Donald Trump’s brand is spiking

Consumers' perception of the Trump brand is spiking since his election win.

Donald Trump’s brand is distancing itself from his name as the empire falls under siege

Donald Trump's namesake business is launching a new hotel chain that —unlike Trump's dozens of other hotels, golf courses, and casinos — won't carry his name.