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Policemen take positions during an operation against drug dealers in the Cidade de Deus slum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, February 1, 2018.

Brazil is taking an ‘extreme measure’ to confront crime in Rio — the first time it’s done so since the country’s dictato...

"I know it's an extreme measure, but many times Brazil requires extreme measures to put things in order," Brazil's president said.

The most stunning moments from Carnival in Rio, where hundreds of thousands of people go all-out

Millions of revelers flocked to the streets of Rio for Carnival, which culminated in a raucous parade in the Sambadrome.
Brazilians are known for their creativity and sense of humour, and this is reflected in many of the carnival outfits, such as these ones at Bloco Céu Na Terra.

33 things I wish I’d known before going to Rio Carnival

From what to eat and drink, where to beach, and how to survive there are a few things worth learning about Brazilian culture before your first Carnival.
José González Valencia, accused of being a member of Mexico's Jalisco New Generation cartel, in custody in Brazil.

Brazil captured an alleged member of one Mexico’s most powerful drug cartels on his Christmas vacation

He had been living in Bolivia for two years after fleeing Mexico and entered Brazil as a tourist using a Bolivian passport.

Brazil striker Robinho given nine-year term for rape in Italy

File photo of Brazi...
An AK-47 rifle with ammunition and a drone with an explosive attached, recovered by Mexican federal police, October 20, 2017.

Drones appear to be taking on a bigger, more dangerous role in Mexico’s criminal warfare

Drones have been used for small-scale smuggling for some time, but increasingly they appear to be used for surveillance and to carry explosives.
Protesters carry Esteladas, Catalan separatist flags, and Basque flags, during a rally in favor of a referendum on independence from Spain for the autonomous community of Catalonia, in the Basque city of Bilbao.

Experts can’t figure out why independence movements are suddenly sweeping the world

The seemingly contagious wave of independence movements around the world over the last month has scholars investigating why this is all happening now.

Brazil is more worried about fake news than any other country

A survey finds that a strong majority of Brazilians are concerned about fake news while less than half of Germans are.
Brazilian soldiers during a operation after violent clashes between drug gangs in Rocinha slum in Rio de Janeiro, September 22, 2017.

Brazil is struggling with scandals and crises, and people there may look to the military for a fix

Support for democracy appears to be eroding in Brazil, and support for military action in domestic affairs appears to have grown.

Nestlé sponsored a river barge to create a ‘floating supermarket’ that sold candy and chocolate pudding to the backwoods of Brazil

Nestlé sponsored a river barge to bring tens of thousands of its products to Brazil's poor, which critics say contributes to the country's obesity epidemic.