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Drake raked in nearly $100 million — but he's not No. 1.

Meet the 20 celebrities who made the most money last year — a combined total of $1.7 billion

These athletes, musicians, actors, authors, and TV and radio personalities are the top celebrity earners in the world.
Bush, pictured, is trying hard to restore his public image.

Billy Bush is gunning for a comeback after Trump scandal — here’s why he could have a chance

Former NBC host Billy Bush is trying to turn around his career. Here are seven other celebrities who have made surprising and impressive career comebacks.

Here are the 10 most-liked Instagram posts of 2017

Beyoncé, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Selena Gomez were popular on Instagram this year.

Inside the hottest show on YouTube, where celebrities answer questions while eating blazing hot wings

If you’ve never seen the YouTube show “Hot Ones,” it's the show with hot questions and even hotter wings.

12 high-profile billionaires and millionaires who aren’t leaving their fortunes to their children

These high-profile celebrities and business magnates have worked too hard to simply hand their wealth to their kids.
Celebrities Dakota Johnson, Sacha Baron Cohen, Diddy, and Cassie assume Christ the Redeemer's own pose.

Step inside the most star-studded wedding of the year, held in Rio at Christ the Redeemer and attended by Madonna, U2, and Diddy

It was attended by Madonna, U2, Diddy, Cassie, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Chris Rock, Matthew McConaughey, and Dakota Johnson — to name a few.
Harvey Weinstein.

Harvey Weinstein is reportedly going to rehab for sex addiction — but a therapist says there’s usually a way to identify those who need re...

Most clients with real sex addiction display some key characteristics, including repeatedly seeking help and displaying a sense of internal strife or despair.
Former Vice President Joe Biden.

Joe Biden rebukes Harvey Weinstein and urges Hollywood to speak up about sexual assault

Joe Biden is a longtime advocate for victims of sexual harassment and abuse. He offered a fiery admonition to an audience in Manhattan on Wednesday night.