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Here are the most popular Google auto-complete results for Silicon Valley’s biggest names

It turns out people are curious about a lot of the same things regardless of the tech executive's title, gender, or the company they represent.

The rise of Dropbox CEO Drew Houston, who is taking his $10 billion company public years after Steve Jobs said he would destroy it

The founder turned down several prospective buyers in Dropbox's early stages, including a bid from Steve Jobs.
Lululemon's former and current employees say the working environment was toxic.

Lululemon employees allege former CEO hosted exclusive ping-pong parties for his favorite people and let a love interest travel with him

Laurent Potdevin abruptly resigned this month, and a new report suggests that inappropriate interactions with employees is one reason why.
Put the red solo cups down.

A former Googler who started a job site says you should assume employers will find your social media — but you don’t need to panic

CEO and former Googler Liz Wessel of WayUp says you don't need to scrub your social media profiles completely during a job hunt.

Chipotle pops after naming Taco Bell CEO as new head boss

43-year-old Brian Niccol will take over as Chipotle's CEO on March 5.
Here's how your company's vacation policy might change in the next 5 years

An American CEO ordered his employees to start vacationing more like the French — and productivity skyrocketed

Ben Waber of Humanyze implemented a synchronized vacation schedule, where employees are assigned a time during the summer to take vacation.

Lululemon slumps after its CEO unexpectedly resigns for violating company’s standards

The company said he fell short of its standards of conduct.
He also studies Mandarin in his free time.

A day in the life of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who works up to 60 hours a week and has a squad of 12 employees to help him with social media

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, leads a busy life as the man behind one of the world's top social media platforms.

CEO of blockchain company Chain on what everyone gets wrong about the technology

Adam Ludwin, CEO of Chain, on innovative applications of blockchain tech, linking public and private networks and the price of bitcoin.