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Nintendo’s Switch boosted not only the company, but the entire video game industry

Overall game console sales were up big last year, thanks in large part to the Nintendo Switch, the fastest-selling console in history.

Wall Street is watching a key recession indicator that keeps flashing yellow

BI PRIME: The gap between short- and long-term bond yields has remained narrow, a sign of weak economic prospects, while the stock market has surged.

Forget factories, most companies plan to use their overseas cash to pay down debts

In a recent survey, nearly two-thirds of the companies polled said they'd use the cash they'd stashed overseas to pay down debts. Might Apple be among them?

The housing market still can’t keep up with millennial demand even after its best year in a decade

New residential construction in the US rose to a 10-year high in 2017.

PC sales are continuing to slump — fewer are sold now than when the iPhone launched

With smartphones now the center of computing, consumers and businesses don't seem to see as much need to buy or replace PCs.

One chart explains what’s driving the stock market’s record-breaking explosion

BI PRIME: Upward revisions to S&P 500 profit forecasts have provided crucial fuel for the stock market's ascent to new record highs.

We’re spending more time with smart speakers instead of with radios, TVs — and smartphones

When consumers use an Amazon Echo or a Google Home, they tend to spend less time with other devices and services, including their TVs and smartphones.

There’s a ‘significant risk to markets’ that’s a bigger worry than where the economy is headed next

BI Prime: Investors should be concerned about a surge in fixed-income supply this year.

A key metric shows the stock market is at ‘extreme’ levels that are the most stretched in 20 years

BI PRIME: An important technical indicator is the most stretched it's been in 20 years, and the second-most extended since 1928, according to Morgan Stanley.

Streaming services are killing off the DVD and Blu-ray industry

Sales of subscription streaming services increased sharply in 2017, and DVD and Blu-ray took a big hit.