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A man looks back at the camera, as investors sit in front of an electronic board showing stock information at a brokerage house in Shanghai August 16, 2013.

China is about to take the entire global economy for a wild ride

OPINION: We've taken this ride at the end of every year since 2014, and all of the elements for a repeat are coming together.
Xi Jinping

Xi has prepared China for a future that is both clear and dark

By failing to unveil plans for his succession Xi signaled that China's newest phase of authoritarianism has begun. The country's economy is part of why.

Steve Bannon’s Hong Kong speech was a love letter to authoritarianism

OPINION: The only thing Bannon may like as much as nationalism is authoritarianism. That's why he has so much respect for China.

China is pushing its Amazons and Googles to spend hundreds of millions on failing companies

Mixed ownership reform is starting in earnest in China, and it's going to cost healthy companies a fair amount of money.

The $180 million conflict that kept Scaramucci out of the White House in January has only gotten shadier

OPINION: Anthony Scaramucci needs the Treasury to approve a $180 million deal with a Chinese company that some people won't do business with.

China mocks Kyle Bass… again

OPINION China's government has ordered banks to lower returns on wealth management products.

China just had a ‘Black Monday’

A new government agency is making the financial sector queasy in China.

A new China worry is taking over Wall Street

Wall Street is worried that a crackdown on China's biggest overseas spenders could spell trouble around the world.

Kyle Bass still doesn’t understand why he’s getting smoked in China

Bass still thinks that just because a currency is worth 30% less against the dollar, it will actually fall 30% against the dollar.

China just went full-on Big Brother on its credit card system

Starting in September the government will know if you spend $150 on anything outside the country.