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Maybe just stick to homemade cookies or a really nice pen.

34 of the most bizarre holiday gifts employees have ever received from a coworker

You're better of avoiding gifts that are inappropriate, offensive, or that might leave your coworkers scratching their heads.
Royally approved.

The Queen gives a Tesco Christmas pudding to every member of her staff each year

Staff at Buckingham Palace each receive the sweet treat from Her Majesty, accompanied by a Christmas card.

Airbus spent 5 hours drawing an outline of a Christmas tree across Europe using an A380

It was a test flight for an Airbus A380 that will be delivered to Emirates.

Why so many people get offended by the phrase ‘Happy holidays’

They're the two words President Donald Trump seems to hate more than any others in the English language.

People travel thousands of miles to sell Christmas trees on the streets of Manhattan — meet an Alaskan family who has been doing it for 21 years...

The Gilmartins have traveled from Alaska for 21 years to sleep in a camper and sell evergreens on the streets of New York City.

‘It’s going to get worse’: Shipping delays threaten to ruin Christmas

A pilot for a company that delivers goods for Amazon said shipping delays are "going to get worse in the next two weeks leading up to Christmas."

Ivanka Trump’s ‘happy holidays’ post reveals a growing divide in the White House

Trump has doubled down on the importance of saying Merry Christmas — but Ivanka Trump has broken from her father by wishing people "happy holidays."

5 momentous military events that took place on Christmas Day

Important events in both of America's most formative wars — the Revolutionary War and the Civil War — took place on Christmas.