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Hackers are holding the city of Atlanta’s computer systems for ransom, causing massive outages — and anyone who has conducted business wit...

The outages affected internal applications and consumer-facing applications like the ones used to pay bills and access court documents.
Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco.

Cisco’s revenue is finally growing again and investors are piling in

Cisco's stock is up around 5% in after hours trading as the computer networking giant delivered a classic beat and raise quarter.

Cisco is linking up with Interpol to share data about the cyber criminals it finds both on and off its network

It's a warm approach to law enforcement in an industry that often requires search warrants before sharing data with government entities.
Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco

Cisco beats analysts’ expectations and finally sees its way out of an 8-quarter revenue decline streak

The company saw $12.1 billion in revenues, and $0.61 earnings per share.
General Motors Corp.'s world headquarters is seen along the Detroit River in Detroit, Michigan.

Cisco looks to Detroit to pilot its connected roadway project for autonomous vehicles

The Silicon Valley giant is partnering with the state of Michigan on a digital acceleration project.

Cisco’s bought a machine learning startup to bolster AppDynamics, the company it bought for $3.7 billion on the eve of its IPO

It's another big step in the networking company's strategic shift away from hardware, and into the software space.
Oracle executive chairman and CTO Larry Ellison

Oracle is jumping on board the blockchain bus and could help drive it to the mainstream

Oracle is building its plug-and-play platform on top of the Linux Project blockchain, Hyperledger Fabric.

Cisco chairman John Chambers has resigned and will move on to the ‘next chapter’ in his career

After 24 years, Chambers will no longer be at Cisco. He has new aspirations for his career.