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Sam Darnold (left) and Josh Rosen (right) are both projected to go high in this year's NFL draft.

The Cleveland Browns are considering a bold strategy — taking 2 quarterbacks in the NFL Draft

It would be unusual for the Cleveland Browns to take two quarterbacks high in the draft, but the idea is actually a pretty reasonable one.
Johnny Manziel hasn't played in the NFL since 2015.

Johnny Manziel opens up about why his first stint in the NFL was such a failure

"If Cleveland did any of their homework, they would have known that I was a guy that didn't come in everyday and watch film," Manziel said.

Two big NFL trades may have given us our clearest look yet at how the top of the draft will play out

The Giants' and Jets' big trades could shake up how the top of the draft plays out, setting up a possible scramble for quarterbacks.

Parade to celebrate the Browns’ perfectly horrible season — and raise money for charity — produced some great signs and photos

Browns fans ended a rough year with a bit of catharsis while raising money for a good cause.

Bill Belichick reportedly didn’t let the Browns anywhere near Jimmy Garoppolo, and it may have cost the Patriots

The Patriots reportedly could have ended up with the fourth pick in the draft if they had traded Jimmy Garoppolo to the Browns.

The trade that cost the Browns Deshaun Watson and had them ridiculed by the NFL world could still work out for them

The Browns have the first and fourth picks in the draft thanks to a draft-day trade with the Texans last year.

Browns complete second 0-16 season in NFL history in depressing fashion with heartbreaking final offensive play

The Cleveland Browns were knocking on the door of their first win of the season before one final failure secured their 0-16 season.

Why the Browns would be a more attractive coaching job than the Giants

Adam Schefter says potential coaches should be more interested in coaching the Browns than the Giants.

Hue Jackson plans to jump in a lake after Browns’ embarrassing season

Hue Jackson promised last year that the Browns would improve, and after Cleveland's second straight 15-loss season, he's out to prove he's a man of his word.