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Brexit Secretary David Davis.

Report: The UK is considering opening its borders and abandoning all customs checks after Brexit

The UK government is reportedly considering a 'Throw Open the Borders option' if Britain leaves the EU with no deal.

Chris Grayling insists a hard Brexit will not mean increased border checks

The transport secretary said Britain's borders will continue to function just as they do now after Britain leaves the EU.
migration vehicles pass parked lorries on the M20 motorway, which leads from London to the Channel Tunnel terminal at Ashford and the Ferry Terminal at Dover, in southern England, Britain July 31, 2015.

The government is hiding its Brexit plans by making firms sign secretive ‘gagging agreements’

Labour MP Chuka Umunna described the report as a 'shocking and very serious development.'
Leading medics and charities are worried that Brexit could disrupt cancer treatment

Brexit risks delaying cancer treatment and putting ‘patients at risk’

Cancer charities and leading medics are increasingly worried about Theresa May's plan to leave Euratom.
Theresa May: In office but not in power?

The forces of Remain are now winning the fightback against Theresa May’s hard Brexit

The harsh reality of Brexit negotiations are starting to take a heavy toll on the prime minister and her government.
EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier on the Irish border.

‘You can’t negotiate with reality’: The EU believes it can ‘force’ the UK to accept its Irish border Brexit demands

'The whole process in the UK as a slow and painful process of coming to terms with reality. It's not really a negotiation. You don't negotiate with reality.'

EU demands Northern Ireland keeps customs union and single market rules in Brexit withdrawal treaty

The European Commission published the legal text of the withdrawal agreement on Wednesday morning.
Theresa May

These Tory MPs are backing a rebel Brexit amendment despite warnings it could bring down Theresa May

Former Conservative leader William Hague has warned MPs that the vote could usher in a Corbyn government
Liam Fox.

Liam Fox says Labour’s customs union proposal would be ‘a complete sell-out of Britain’s national interests’

Trade secretary Liam Fox said Labour's proposed customs union would leave the UK with 'one arm tied behind our back' in trade talks.
International Trade Secretary Liam Fox

Brexit is like swapping a ‘three course dinner’ for ‘a packet of crisps’ says Liam Fox’s former trade chief

Liam Fox's former chief official at the International Trade Department savages the government's Brexit policy.