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Disney CEO Bob Iger.

How Hollywood will fundamentally change after the Disney-Fox deal

The loss of the "big six" movie studios with the combination of Disney and 20th Century Fox will be a major adjustment for Hollywood.
Deadpool painting in the new teaser for the sequel.

‘Deadpool’ delivered its most hilarious teaser yet for the sequel

Deadpool channeled Bob Ross in a new teaser for the much-anticipated sequel.

Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin shared the first pictures of ‘Deadpool 2’s’ Cable

Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin shared the first pictures of Brolin fully trasnformed into 'Deadpool 2's' Cable.

The hilarious scene that didn’t make it into ‘Deadpool’ but may be in the sequel

The writers behind "Deadpool" revealed to us one of their favorite scenes they left out of the movie that could get dropped into "Deadpool 2."

‘Deadpool’ was the most illegally downloaded movie in 2016

The hit comic-book movie "Deadpool" is also the most pirated movie of 2016 on BitTorrent.

Deadpool will not show up in the upcoming Wolverine movie after all

Stars of both movies have denied the report that Deadpool will show up in the new Wolverine film "Logan."

The 10 highest-grossing movies of 2016, ranked

From a bunch of Disney movies to "Deadpool," here are the big winners of the year at the box office.

Ryan Reynolds says he had a ‘nervous breakdown’ after finishing ‘Deadpool’

Ryan Reynolds' superhero movie "Deadpool" was a box-office sensation, but the years worth of work that went into it reportedly took a toll on its lead actor.

Why the director of ‘Deadpool’ suddenly left the sequel over ‘creative differences’

"Deadpool" Director Tim Miller wanted to make a Marvel-sized sequel, according to reports, but others didn't see it that way.