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Delta put an 8-week-old puppy on multiple wrong flights while its owner was ignored by customer service

The owner described a frustrating experience with Delta's customer service representatives on Facebook.
The "branded pillars" Delta is using to organize passengers in some airports.

The way Delta decides how you board reveals a huge problem in the airline industry

Delta has 27 categories it uses to separate passengers into six boarding groups.
A study from Bank of America Merrill Lynch found that Southwest may have a higher chance of benefitting from HQ2 than any other airline.

These airlines could get a boost from Amazon’s HQ2

Amazon's HQ2 could give legacy airlines like Delta and United a boost, according to a note from Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
Emirates Airline president Sir Tim Clark.

Emirates Airline boss says US rivals ‘need to grow up’ and end the nastiest feud in the airline industry

Emirates boss Tim Clark says US rivals United, Delta, and American Airlines could actually benefit if they worked with the Middle Eastern airline.

Delta cutting ties with the NRA could cost the airline $40 million

Georgia lawmakers passed a massive tax overhaul on Thursday after removing an exemption that would have saved Atlanta-based Delta Airlines up to $40 million.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

The fight between Georgia Republicans and Delta Air Lines over the NRA could be a disaster for Atlanta’s bid for Amazon’s HQ2

Georgia Republicans blocked a tax break for Delta after the airline ended an NRA discount, a move people think may ruin Atlanta's chances with Amazon's HQ2.

Georgia Republicans are stuck in a philosophical crisis on taxes amid the battle between Delta and the NRA

The fight over Delta and the NRA has created a fault line between Georgia Republicans trying to prove their conservative credentials and pro-business lawmakers.

Georgia’s lieutenant governor threatens to retaliate against Delta unless it reverses its decision on the NRA

Georgia's lieutenant governor, Casey Cagle, said he would "kill any tax legislation that benefits" Delta, which ended a partnership with the NRA on Saturday.

Delta and United Airlines have cut ties with the NRA

Delta and United are ending their discount programs for National Rifle Association members and want their information wiped from the NRA website.

More than 100 airline employees went to the funeral of a Florida school shooting victim whose father is a United pilot

Over 100 employees from JetBlue, United, and Delta Air Lines attended the funeral for a Florida school shooting victim whose father is a pilot for United.