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The early reviews for Apple’s $5,000 iMac Pro are in, and they’re glowing

Apple's most expensive and most powerful computer, the iMac Pro, goes on sale on Thursday.

Apple says the Mac Mini is ‘important,’ but it hasn’t received an update in three years

Apple's Mac Mini hasn't been updated since October 2014 — almost three years ago.

Samsung just unveiled the widest computer monitor you can buy — here’s how it looks in person

Wait until you see what games, and even an Excel spreadsheet, look like on this thing.

Apple just updated the iMac — here’s what’s new

Apple unveiled a new version of the iMac, one of the company's most popular desktop computers, on Monday.

The Mac’s declining relevance to Apple, in one chart

With the iPhone and iPad helping to change the way we use computers, the Mac now makes up just 11% of Apple’s yearly revenue.

10 apps everyone should have on their computer

Whether you own a Mac or a Windows PC, these are the best desktop apps you should have on your computer.

It sounds like Microsoft’s first-ever PC is performing better than anyone expected

Microsoft Surface Studio looks like a bigger hit than the company was ready for.

Building your own gaming PC is incredibly rewarding — here’s what you’ll need

Looking to build your own gaming PC? We've compiled a list of parts and components that can handle any game right now.

Apple made a minor tweak to its Mac operating system, and fans are really upset about it

The latest update to Apple's macOS has a lot of new tweaks and improvements, but there's one change that most Mac users will recognize immediately.