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Activision is taking a page from Disney’s playbook to turn its video games into gold mines

Activision can tap into its user base and engage them in much the same way Disney does with its amusement park goers.
"Black Panther."

‘Black Panther’ wins the box-office for the 5th straight weekend — a first since ‘Avatar’

"Black Panther" has pulled off the extremely rare fifth-straight weekend box office win.
Luke Skywalker and Yoda watching the tree burn that held the sacred Jedi texts in "The Last Jedi."

‘The Last Jedi’ crew set fire to a nearly 60-foot high model tree for that Yoda-Skywalker scene — 30 times

The burning tree in that scene in "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" where Yoda and Luke Skywalker talk was not CGI.
Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom November 11, 2001 in Orlando, Florida.

Human remains were found at the home of a missing Disney World staffer

A Disney World monorail mechanic had been missing since 2015, but authorities were only told about his disappearance last month.
"Black Panther."

In a Disney-dominant weekend, ‘Black Panther’ edges out ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ to win the box office — and pass $1 billion ...

"Black Panther" won the weekend domestic box office for a fourth straight weekend. The movie has now passed $1 billion globally in just 26 days.
"Black Panther."

A box-office analyst predicted ‘Black Panther’ would make more money than ‘The Last Jedi’ in China, and its opening day proved...

"Black Panther" earned almost as much at the China box office its first day than "The Last Jedi" did its first weekend.
"Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

There’s a new ‘Star Wars’ live-action TV show coming to Disney’s Netflix competitor — and it will be written by the dire...

'Jungle Book' director Jon Favreau has been tapped to executive produce and write a live-action "Star Wars" series for Disney's Netflix competitor.
Disney always capped off the workday with a Scotch Mist and a massage.

A look inside the daily routine of Walt Disney, who wandered through the office after hours and always carried snacks in his pockets

Walt Disney, animator, businessman, and cofounder of The Walt Disney Co., kept up certain habits that defined his daily schedule.
"Black Panther."

Why ‘Black Panther’ will make more money than ‘The Last Jedi’ in China, according to a box-office analyst

Disney has struggled to make "Star Wars" relevant in China. That will not be a problem for the studio when it opens "Black Panther" there this week.
James Pitaro.

ESPN has named Disney exec James Pitaro as its new president

ESPN has named the Disney executive James Pitaro as its new president. Pitaro had been the chairman of Disney consumer products and interactive media since 2016