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Microsoft is getting aggressive about stealing away Google, Dropbox, and Box customers

If your business is using cloud storage from its three top competitors, Microsoft will give you OneDrive for free for a while. Caveats do apply.

Here’s how Dropbox founder Drew Houston grew his company from a two-person startup to a billion-dollar enterprise

The founder turned down several prospective buyers in Dropbox's early stages, including a bid from Steve Jobs.
Dropbox cofounder and CEO, Drew Houston

Dropbox needs to find a new ‘ethos’ and more business customers for an IPO home run

BI PRIME: The market for collaboration tools is booming, analysts said, but Dropbox will need to button up its image to succeed on Wall Street.
Dropbox CEO Drew Houston.

$10 billion Dropbox has filed the paperwork for an IPO

Dropbox is aiming for the first half of the year for its highly anticipated initial public offering.

The 1 key thing star founders and CEOs say catapulted their startups into major success

Founders of startups including Paypal and Dropbox recount the one moment, and key marketing trick, that changed everything for their companies.
Big companies like GE and Citibank are emulating Silicon Valley startups (but more competent ones than the guys from the HBO show).

Companies like GE, Citibank, and Dropbox have borrowed a tool from startups to avoid getting boring and stuck

Companies like GE and Citi have implemented pseudo-venture capitalist boards to oversee ambitious projects, and they've been very successful.
Egnyte CEO Vineet Jain.

Box and Dropbox rival Egnyte is aiming to capitalise on Europe’s strict new data laws

The storage and collaboration software business has been backed by Google Ventures, which is now known as GV.
Dropbox's new offices at The Exchange will take up 736,000 square feet.

Dropbox just signed the biggest office space deal in San Francisco history — 736,000 square feet

The file sharing company will move to its new offices at the end of 2018.

Huddle, once the hot competition to Box and Dropbox, has quietly confirmed a private equity buyout

A source told Business Insider the deal was worth just $89 million.