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You may only get one shot.

Here’s how to write an email to a potential employer

We asked a career expert how to write an email that catches the hiring manager's eye at your dream company.

Trump just took unprecedented action targeting Venezuela’s cryptocurrency

The action is yet another way the Trump administration hopes to put pressure on the Venezuelan government.
The rest of the world isn't impressed.

11 American work habits other countries avoid at all costs

Americans work long hours, eat lunch at their desks, and do plenty of other things employees in other countries can't stand.
The hardest part is saying goodbye.

Here is the perfect way to end an email — and 26 sign-offs you should usually avoid

Experts explain how to sign off your emails with minimal risk and maximal charm.
The perfect way to start an email is usually your safest choice.

Here is the perfect way to start an email — and 20 greetings you should usually avoid

If you're thinking the email greeting isn't all that important and that it's silly to overthink it, you're wrong.

Smartphones are becoming so dangerous there’s a new field of study called ‘technostress’ — and experts say it’s killing ...

"Technostress" describes the damaging effects of email and other digital technology on our health and happiness.
This everyday task is a massive time sink.

3 common email mistakes that everyone should drop immediately

Productivity experts say it's best to banish one common task from your to-do list if you want to improve your productivity.

Here’s what happens with your stuff after you die

Here are all the things you don't want to think about that happen after you die.

Top Democrat is pushing to subpoena Jared Kushner over his use of private email

Elijah Cummings is pushing Trey Gowdy to subpoena Jared Kushner for documents related to his use of private email while serving in the White House.
Jared Kushner.

Here’s what could land Jared Kushner in hot water with Congress over his use of private email

One expert outlined to Business Insider what would cause Jared Kushner to suddenly be in serious legal jeopardy.