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The Banana Stand at Amazon's headquarters in Seattle offers bananas to everyone for free.

Amazon is the most desirable company to work for in America

Amazon beat out Alphabet for the top spot on LinkedIn's annual list of the Top Companies in the United States.
A customer browses screens displaying recreational marijuana products for sale at the MedMen store in West Hollywood, California U.S. January 2, 2018

The US cannabis industry is growing insanely fast — there are now more legal cannabis workers than dental hygienists

The total number of job postings for the cannabis industry increased by 445% in 2017, according to ZipRecruiter.
Hopefuls line up for a chance at a job at Amazon during its national job fair.

Cities that lure Amazon with incentives may be getting a ‘bad bargain,’ new study says

Overall employment does not increase when an Amazon fulfillment center comes to town, the data shows.

4 out of 5 workers are worried inflation will cut into their earnings

A new report by the Royal Society of Arts found 80% of workers surveyed were worried their pay would fall in real terms in the future.

Hurricane Harvey will make it harder to gauge the US jobs market

Hurricane Harvey could make some of the indicators of how the economy is doing "very noisy."

Meet the ex-banker jailed for fraud who is now trying to reform prisons from the inside out

Ex-banker Michael Corrigan set up a business connecting companies with former inmates, with help from Kickstarter and an ex-Goldman Sachs banker.

One of Milton Friedman’s central assumptions about economics appears to be broken

Low unemployment no longer creates wage price inflation, thanks to the gig economy.