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ESPN boss who shocked the media world by resigning says he did it because of a cocaine extortion plot

When he resigned as ESPN's president, John Skipper cited a struggle with "substance addiction." He now says the reason was a cocaine seller extorting him.

ESPN’s relationship with the NFL looks like it’s never been worse, and it boils down to a simple problem

At the heart of ESPN's strained relationship with the NFL is how ESPN covers the league while also broadcasting games.
Peyton Manning has plenty of experience in front of a microphone.

ESPN and Fox are in a bidding war for Peyton Manning and it would reset the bar for how much NFL announcers get paid

Fox Sports is also heavily recruiting the retired NFL legend to join its broadcast team.
James Pitaro.

ESPN has named Disney exec James Pitaro as its new president

ESPN has named the Disney executive James Pitaro as its new president. Pitaro had been the chairman of Disney consumer products and interactive media since 2016
"I could hardly feed myself, but I found my passion," says Erika Nardini, pictured.

What the CEO of Barstool Sports says to people who call the site ‘sexist’

Erika Nardini, the CEO of Barstool Sports, says the company is "intentionally not PC" and "our guys just want to do things that are funny."

A-Rod is about to become the voice of baseball just 3 years after being the sport’s biggest pariah

Alex Rodriguez's image turnaround has been nothing short of amazing.

Jalen Rose tells Paul Pierce he is being ‘petty’ during ESPN segment about his feud with Isaiah Thomas

The drama continued on "NBA Countdown" as Jalen Rose called out Paul Pierce for his defensiveness over him and Isaiah Thomas being honored on the same night.

We’re beginning to get a glimpse of the bombshell ESPN story detailing a Tom Brady-Bill Belichick rift that could spell the end of the Patriots ...

According to one reporter, the ESPN story will say the rift is so bad that many in the organization think this will be the trio's last season together.

A fake ESPN story about LeBron James using ‘Primal Growth Testosterone’ is circulating — and it shows the role the ad industry has i...

BI PRIME: A bogus ESPN story accusing LeBron James of using performance enhancing drugs was featured on the New York Post's website.

Jon Gruden’s return to the Raiders could create a problem for 2 teams preparing for the playoffs

Jon Gruden's return to coaching with the Raiders now feels like the NFL's worst-kept secret and that reunion could cause a problem for the Chiefs and Titans.