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A 7.1 magnitude earthquake has hit Mexico, and people are posting terrifying photos and videos on social media

Mexico City, which is home to roughly 9 million people, appears to have been severely damaged by the quake.

MIZUHO: Here’s why Facebook has ‘a realistic opportunity’ to enter China in 2018

Facebook has a "realistic opportunity" to enter China in 2018, Mizuho analyst James Lee wrote in a note to clients on Tuesday.

Raids, warrants, and wiretaps: The Trump-Russia probe ‘has reached a critical stage’

The key question, two experts at the Brookings Institution said, is what Robert Mueller will allege if he brings charges and against whom he'll allege it.

Mueller just obtained a warrant that could change the entire nature of the Russia investigation

Legal experts say the revelation has enormous implications for the trajectory of Mueller's investigation into Russia's election interference.

Facebook updates ad-targeting system after ProPublica discovers anti-Semitic categories

After ProPublica revealed how Facebook's algorithm enabled advertisers to serve ads to "Jew haters," the platform has been forced to respond.

Facebook doesn’t know the full extent of Russia’s ad purchases during the 2016 election

Facebook still does not know the extent of Russia's advertisement purchases during the 2016 election — or whether these unidentified ad buys are still on the site.

Facebook is promising to keep advertisers away from ‘fiercely debated social issues’

Facebook promises to keep advertisers away from fake news and controversial social issues. The company has rolled out a new set of policies and guidelines.

Here’s more evidence that Facebook is building its own Siri-like voice assistant

Facebook appears to be quietly building its own voice assistant to compete with Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa.

Facebook and Twitter are becoming a ‘red-hot’ focus of Mueller’s Russia investigation

Russia's use of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms during the 2016 election has become a "red-hot" focus of FBI special counsel Robert Mueller.

Shuttered Facebook group that organized anti-Clinton, anti-immigrant rallies across Texas was linked to Russia

A Russia-linked Facebook group attempted to organize anti-immigrant, anti-Hillary Clinton rallies across Texas last November.