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YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki

YouTube will include Wikipedia info next to videos promoting conspiracy theories

Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced at a SXSW panel the company's plan to add Wikipedia information to videos pertaining to conspiracy theories.

How to use Texture, the beautiful ‘Netflix for magazines’ app Apple just bought

Texture gives you unlimited access to popular magazines for a monthly subscription fee.

Trump lashes out at media, Democrats, drug dealers, Oprah in rambunctious speech in Pennsylvania

President Donald Trump gave a raucous, freewheeling speech in Pennsylvania on Saturday, in which he railed against some of his favorite targets, one by one.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says ‘we aren’t proud of how people have taken advantage of our service,’ pledges big fixes

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey committed to making big changes in light of recent abuse, harassment, and fake news.
Barack Obama.

Obama calls out Facebook and Google and says it’s hard to know how long democracy can survive the current political climate

The former US president's comments make him the highest-profile figure to criticize the tech giants for the roles they play in today's political discourse.