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31 examples of Tom Brady’s insane competitiveness

From trash talk to his extreme self-confidence, Tom Brady's competitiveness knows no bounds.

Shocking before and after photos of 15 NFL players who lost a ton of weight in retirement

While many athletes struggle with weight gain after they retire, here are several examples of former NFL players who have lost a ton of weight.
Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are two of the highest-paid NFL players of all time.

The 25 highest-paid players in NFL history

Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Eli Manning top the list of the highest-paid players of all time.
Everyone wants to be able to get what they want.

I took a 10-minute test to figure out how to get what I want and found I was completely lacking in one crucial area

I took a test to assess the style I use to influence people — here's what I found out.

NFL QB power rankings: Where all 32 starters stand heading into Week 7

Aaron Rodgers may be out with a broken collarbone, but there's still plenty of exciting quarterback play to be found across the league.

Truffle is a free app for getting restaurant recommendations from friends — here’s how it works

Truffle lets you curate lists of your favorite spots and easily share them in iMessage.

How Aaron Judge rose to become the face of the Yankees and baseball’s newest home run-hitting star

Aaron Judge's rookie year has included record breaking performances and his very own fan section at Yankee Stadium.

The 27 highest-paid players in the NBA for the 2017-18 season

Stephen Curry replaces LeBron James as the NBA's highest-paid player.
The fateful day that President John F. Kennedy was murdered.

No one knows for sure who killed JFK — here are the top theories

A CIA conspiracy, a mafia hit job, and a covert operation by Lyndon B. Johnson are among the many conspiracy theories for who killed JFK.

The best value plays in your DraftKings lineup for Week 7 of the NFL season

These are the players to consider for your lineup in DraftKings or any sort of daily fantasy game you plan to play on Sunday