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An Emirates flight attendant dies after falling out of a Boeing 777

The Emirates flight attendant was preparing the plane for a flight to Dubai when she fell.

11 truths about flying only flight attendants know

There's more to flying than meets the eye. Flight attendants shared secrets that the average passenger wouldn't know.
Unless you worked for the airline, you'd probably never know where the airport crew lounge is.

A look inside the secret, crew-only lounge where flight attendants hang out when they’re not flying

Join us on a tour of United Airlines' secret airport lounge for flight attendants.
There's more to being a flight attendant than meets the eye.

Most people only see part of a flight attendants’ job — here are the behind-the-scenes secrets you never knew

There are plenty of flight attendant jobs you don't see United Airlines employees doing. Take a look at what's going on behind the scenes.
"You could give me a million dollars, and it wouldn't be better than one day here," our flight attendant says.

A day in the life of a United Airlines flight attendant, who woke up before 3 a.m. and ran circles around me for 9 hours

From the first moments of an early-morning wake-up to landing after a six-hour trip, here's everything one United Airlines flight attendant does in a day.
Flight attendants say it's best to drink canned and bottled beverages on an airplane.

Flight attendants reveal the least disgusting thing you can order on an airplane

One flight attendant told Business Insider that soda cans on planes are sometimes cleaner than those sold in stores.
Some pigs do fly.

‘Emotional support animals’ are turning into a crisis for airlines — here are the most bizarre animals people have brought on planes...

Fake emotional support animals have become such a problem for airlines that Delta had to spell out what animals are not allowed onto a flight. It's a long list.
It's apparently the first mid-air wedding featuring a pope.

The Pope married two flight attendants in an impromptu midair wedding

The Chilean couple got more than they bargained for working on a papal flight from Santiago to Iquique, Chile on January 18.
Flight attendants share how they really feel about that Diet Coke you just ordered, and more potentially annoying habits.

Flight attendants share the 25 things they wish passengers would stop doing — and one thing you can get away with

We all have annoying habits, and travel tends to bring out the worst in people. Flight attendants share what you may not have known you were doing wrong.