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The battle between the beef industry and Silicon Valley’s lab-grown meat startups is heating up

The US beef industry is looking to the federal government in its fight against "cultured meat" startups.

How to lose weight if you’re addicted to food, according to a cognitive scientist who struggled for years

Susan Thompson, a cognitive scientist who struggled for years with her weight, advocates a radical approach to eating that goes against popular food wisdom.

A $13 billion part of Walmart’s business could be about to take a critical hit from Trump

The Trump administration has indicated it wishes to reduce SNAP spending, which represents an important part of Walmart's business.

Antarctica’s new greenhouse can harvest vegetables even when it’s -100 degrees Fahrenheit outside — take a look

The German Aerospace Center's greenhouse in Antarctica just completed a harvest of vegetables in extreme conditions.

A blockbuster gene-editing tool just got one step closer to overtaking GMOs

In its latest statement, the USDA said that it had no plans to regulate Crispr crops, a move that clears the way for a host of new foods like produce.

Weight Watchers’ new program has 200 ‘zero-point’ foods you can eat as much as you want — including eggs

Weight Watchers zero point foods list includes some surprising additions — like eggs and salmon — that participants can eat without tracking or measuring.

How all-you-can-eat restaurants don’t go bankrupt

With a few tricks, all-you-can-eat and buffet restaurants still manage to turn a profit— despite offering endless food.

A new Monsanto-backed company is on the verge of producing the first fruit made with a blockbuster gene-editing tool that could revolutionize agricult...

Monsanto is going beyond GMOs and investing in the gene-editing startup Pairwise. The deal could herald the arrival of the first Crispr produce.

You may be storing your food all wrong — here’s how to keep fruit, veggies, meat, and dairy fresh for longer

Waste no more — we've compiled some handy tips on how to keep your food fresher for longer.