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Eating at a certain time of day could be messing with your diet goals

Recent research, including a study published last month, suggests that when you eat matters just as much as what you eat.

Inside the most reviewed eatery in the world, a Portuguese bakery where the most popular dish costs less than £1

Pastéis de Belém received over 10,000 reviews from travellers on TripAdvisor in 2017 — more than any other food establishment in the world.
Chef Bryce Shuman of New York City's Betony showed Business Insider's health reporter Kevin Loria the proper way to kill a lobster before cooking it.

Do lobsters feel pain?

The Swiss government has ruled that lobsters must be stunned before they are killed, though the research on whether lobsters feel pain or not is still inconclusive.

What your nightly routine should look like, according to science

Wondering when to stop drinking coffee and using screens to avoid messing with your sleep? How often you should wash your sheets? We've got you covered.

We visited convenience-store rivals Wawa and Sheetz to see which does it better — and the winner is clear

Loyal customers fiercely debate the pros and cons of these two regional gas-station legends: Wawa and Sheetz.

We’re learning more about why one type of carb is so good for you

Fiber, a key ingredient found in whole grains and produce, helps with weight loss and overall health. Now scientists are beginning to uncover why.

The two best diets for your overall health, according to nutrition experts

The Mediterranean and DASH diets differ a bit in their approaches to healthy eating, but both have a strong emphasis on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Detoxing is the health ‘resolution’ you should avoid this year

Doing a cleanse or detox wastes your money and can put you at risk for health problems.

These will be the 5 biggest food trends in 2018, according to Waitrose

Last year Waitrose predicted Hawaiian poke would be the big hit of 2017 — and it proved to be true. Here's what's in store next year.
Mmm, coffee.

Brewing a perfect cup of coffee requires the right water — and pure H2O is the worst kind

Water — the biggest ingredient in coffee by weight — can make or break the flavor of a freshly brewed cup. Some beans are better suited to hard or soft water.