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We drove a $50,000 Ford Mustang GT and an $86,000 Chevy Corvette GS to see which we liked better — here’s the verdict

The Corvette and the Ford Mustang aren't a pure head-to-head matchup, but they do have similar V8 engine specs.
Trump announced a tariff on imported steel and aluminum.

Ford says Trump’s new tariffs could hurt US companies’ ability to compete

While Trump's tariffs may hurt automakers' business; it's possible that they'll take them in stride. But higher prices could be on the way.
A self-driving Ford vehicle.

Ford just revealed the city where it plans to build its self-driving car program

Ford has chosen Miami as its development hub for future self-driving vehicle fleets

Ford just named its new North America boss after the former executive resigned over ‘inappropriate’ behavior

Ford has promoted its chief marketing officer and Lincoln chief, Kumar Galhotra, to run its all-important North America business.

Ford’s North American president has resigned after reports of ‘inappropriate’ behavior

Raj Nair has resigned from Ford following a company investigation into allegations of "inappropriate behavior."

Top Wall Street analyst thinks it might be time to sell Tesla and buy Ford

Ford is starting to look appealing to Wall Street. Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas boosted his target price for Ford to $15.

Hot tech stocks have ‘lost their shine’ among millennials after mixed earnings

Though millennials continue to flock into tech stocks, some of their enthusiasm has waned, Stockpile data has found.