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White House Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bossert gives an update on the federal response to Hurricane Irma.

John Bolton pushes out Trump’s top homeland security adviser

President Donald Trump's homeland security adviser, Tom Bossert, has been fired by the new national security adviser, John Bolton, according to Bloomberg.
Donald Trump.

White House insiders say this is the most dangerous phase of Trump’s presidency so far — and they don’t know what he’ll do nex...

White House aides are calling this the most dangerous and uncertain period of President Donald Trump's presidency thus far.
Lindsey Graham

‘This is the ’80’s all over’: A top Republican senator gave Trump some tough advice on foreign policy

Lindsey Graham told Trump to revert to a Cold War mentality to take on Russia.
Colonel Ralph Peters

A Fox News contributor quit the network, calling it a ‘propaganda machine for a destructive and ethically ruinous administration’

Retired United States Army lieutenant colonel and Fox News contributor Ralph Peters severed ties with Fox, slamming the network and the president in an email.
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (R) walks by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi last year.

China was ‘not too happy’ with Tillerson — but it is terrified of Mike Pompeo

Tillerson was seen as a moderating influence in the Oval Office, and was reportedly concerned over tariffs that have angered China.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un hugs a military scientist after test-launching an intercontinental ballistic missile.

North Korea is not building nuclear weapons to destroy the US or unify Korea — the real reasons are much more surprising

North Korean leader has been called many names — crazy, mad, and "rocket man" — but a nuclear policy expert says his push for nukes make perfect sense.

The internet flipped out after Trump dumped a box of fish food into a koi pond with Japan’s prime minister

Social media erupted after some in the media reported that President Donald Trump dumped a box of fish food into a koi pond in Japan.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

A former diplomat says Trump officials wouldn’t let her talk about Obama’s foreign policies

A former foreign service worker criticized Rex Tillerson's State Department and revealed that she was told not to talk about President Obama's foreign policy.
President Donald Trump disavowed the Iran nuclear deal during a speech on Friday.

Trump decertifies the Iran deal and threatens to end it altogether

President Donald Trump announced on Friday that he is decertifying, but not withdrawing from or rewriting, the Iran nuclear agreement.

Singapore rejects US academic’s appeal against expulsion

Ex-professor Huang ...