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Larry Kudlow

CNBC commentator Larry Kudlow will replace Gary Cohn as Trump’s top economic adviser

Larry Kudlow, a conservative economist and CNBC contributor, will be the new National Economic Council director under President Donald Trump.
Donald Trump.

Trump might be stocking his administration full of ‘loyalists’ so he can go back to his freewheeling campaign mode

Within the past week, Trump ousted Rex Tillerson while Gary Cohn resigned from the administration — two of the biggest departures yet.

TRUMP: I’m looking at one candidate ‘very strongly’ to replace Gary Cohn as top economic adviser

CNBC's Larry Kudlow is the frontrunner to replace Gary Cohn as the top White House economic adviser.
Rex Tillerson.

Trump’s White House is setting records — in turnover of high-level staff

Rex Tillerson's ouster is the latest in a long string of sudden departures from Trump's senior staff.

The 3 stooges are running the US economy now, so buckle up

OPINION: Wilbur Ross, Peter Navarro, and Steven Mnuchin are going to run the US economy like a slapstick routine, and they're performing for an audience of one.
Gary Cohn and Donald Trump

TRUMP: Gary Cohn ‘may be a globalist, but I still like him,’ and I suspect he may come back to the White House

"He may be a globalist, but I still like him. He's seriously a globalist, there's no question," Trump said of departing White House economic adviser Gary Cohn.

Stocks storm back after the White House softens tariff talk following Gary Cohn’s White House exit

Cohn's pending exit reignited fears of a global trade war as traders worry other nations may retaliate against US measures.
President Donald Trump

Trump’s pick to replace Gary Cohn will tell you a lot about the direction of the White House

President Donald Trump is said to be considering Larry Kudlow, Peter Navarro, Mick Mulvaney, Kevin Warsh, and Shahira Knight for his new economic adviser.
Gary Cohn.

‘The Globalists just lost their President’: Gary Cohn’s resignation leaves a massive void that could push Trump toward the fringe

The loss of Gary Cohn leaves the White House with few free-trade advocates at a time when trade is coming to the forefront of the economic agenda.
House Speaker Paul Ryan

Trump is giving Republicans two horrible options on trade

Opinion: Republicans in Congress don't want President Donald Trump to implement new tariffs on aluminum and steel. They can stop him, but they're not.