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Steve Kerr on Florida shooting: ‘It doesn’t seem to matter to our government that children are being shot to death’

Steve Kerr is not shy about sharing his views on political topics, and had some harsh words for the NRA after being asked about the most recent mass shooting.

Steve Kerr let the Warriors players coach themselves because they were tired of his voice — and they won by 46

The Warriors are so good they can apparently draw up their own plays and still win by 46.

‘It’s nonsense and a non-story:’ LeBron James fires back over report that said he’d consider the Warriors in free agency

LeBron James said not to trust anything people say about him unless he says it himself.

Steve Kerr had a funny reaction when asked if he would like to coach LeBron James

Steve Kerr decided not to discuss the report that said LeBron James would consider meeting with the Warriors in free agency.

There’s suddenly buzz that LeBron James would consider the Warriors — if they break up their dominant core

LeBron James would consider meeting with the Golden State Warriors in free agency, ESPN reported. But there would be some huge hurdles to clear first.

The Warriors are so far ahead of the rest of the NBA they’re finding new ways to keep themselves busy

The Golden State Warriors are cruising while many other NBA teams seem to be collapsing, so Steve Kerr is trying to fight off malaise.

The Cavs don’t scare the Warriors anymore, and the NBA’s best rivalry in years seems to have run its course

The Cavaliers-Warriors matchup has been one-sided for nearly two years, and the two teams appear to be going in different directions.

LeBron James was nearly posterized by Kevin Durant, but saved himself at the last moment

LeBron James — the NBA's leader in spectacular blocks — also showed he knows when to avoid even trying.