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Goldman Sachs will clear bitcoin futures for some of its clients

Goldman will not act as a market-maker for bitcoin, Bloomberg reported.

GOLDMAN SACHS: Here are the 17 stocks hedge funds love the most

BI PRIME: Goldman Sachs recently updated its Very Important Position list of stocks that are popular among hedge funds.
Goldman Sachs Chairman and CEO Lloyd Blankfein speaks at the Bloomberg Global Business Forum in New York, U.S., September 20, 2017.

Goldman Sachs asked clients about bitcoin’s price trajectory

Goldman Sachs' market "strat" team within the securities division included a question on the cryptocurrency in a monthly poll it sends to clients.

Goldman Sachs says bitcoin is a commodity

"I don't see why there's all this hostility toward it," Goldman's head of commodities research said.
A look at past instances of "Goldilocks" periods, one of which Goldman Sachs says helped markets after the global financial crisis.

GOLDMAN SACHS: Pain is coming for investors with markets the most expensive since 1900

Stocks, bonds, and credit are their most expensive since 1900, and Goldman Sachs says those stretched valuations will cause pain for investors in the future.

Meet the big shots who live at 15 Central Park West, the world’s most powerful address

From Lloyd Blankfein to Denzel Washington, plenty of notable figures have called this limestone tower home.

Deutsche Bank is hiring an ex-Goldman Sachs partner to run its global equities business

Deutsche Bank is hiring Peter Selman, a former Goldman Sachs partner, to run its global equities business.

Goldman Sachs just gave Amazon its most bullish price target yet

Goldman Sachs says new Amazon Web Services announcements this week could skyrocket the company's stock price to $1,450.

Hedge funds are betting billions that these 17 stocks are going to implode

Goldman Sachs released their "VIP short list" of stocks shorted most by hedge funds.

GOLDMAN SACHS: Here’s how to make a killing in the market this Black Friday

Goldman Sachs has a recommendation for how stock investors can make money during Black Friday and the holiday shopping season.