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Former Sen. Edward Kennedy takes part in a protest against President George W. Bush's veto of the Children's Health Insurance Program in 2007.

Over 1 million children and pregnant women are on the brink of losing health insurance

If Congress doesn't reauthorize funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), at least 1.2 million children could lose their healthcare.

Congress narrowly avoids government shutdown, delays deadline 2 weeks

The House passed a funding bill to keep the government open until December 22. The bill needs to be approved by the Senate to avoid a shutdown on Friday.

Republican leaders are scrambling to appease hardline conservatives to avoid a government shutdown

Congressional negotiations on legislation to avoid a government shutdown have hit stumbling blocks in recent days.

Congress is planning to punt on the government shutdown deadline

Republican congressional leaders rolled out a plan to extend the government funding to December 22, to avoid a government shutdown at the end of the week.

Trump reportedly believes that a government shutdown might score him political points

President Donald Trump is said to believe that a government shutdown could be politically beneficial.

‘Chuck and Nancy’ ditch government-shutdown meeting with Trump after Twitter attack

Democratic leaders will not attend a meeting with President Trump to negotiate a government-funding bill after the president attacked them on Twitter.
President Donald Trump

It’s the ‘most important day of the year’ in Washington

Government-shutdown negotiations, Federal Reserve chair hearings, and the Senate Budget Committee's consideration of the tax bill make Tuesday a huge day in DC.
President Donald Trump

The next 2 weeks could make or break Trump’s first year as president

President Donald Trump and GOP leaders are seeking to advance their tax bill while avoiding a government shutdown and dealing with other looming deadlines.
A handshake deal will be much harder to come by this time.

People are underrating the odds of a government shutdown in December

Washington is lurching toward a federal government shutdown in early December.

Trump just sided with Democrats on a massive deal to solve Congress’ biggest issues

Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, along with President Donald Trump, favored the deal. Republican leaders Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan opposed.