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Dick's is destroying a ton of firearms.

Dick’s Sporting Goods is destroying its unsold assault-style guns

Dick's Sporting Goods is destroying its unsold assault-style guns instead of selling them back to manufacturers.
Fox News host Laura Ingraham suggests students didn't lead the March for Our Lives rally pushing for gun control.

Propaganda bots and Russia-linked Twitter accounts are rallying behind embattled Fox News host Laura Ingraham as advertisers dump her show

#istandwithlaura was the top trending hashtag among Russia-linked Twitter accounts on Saturday evening.

Laura Ingraham is taking a ‘preplanned vacation’ as advertisers flee her show

Fox News opinion-show host Laura Ingraham announced Friday she will take a week off amid ongoing fallout from her comments about a Parkland shooting survivor.
David Hogg, a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and survivor of the February 14 shooting that took place at that school.

Here are the laws that student gun-control activists from Parkland actually want to pass

As the debate over guns in America rages on, we outline exactly what gun-control activists want to achieve.
Donald Trump.

Trump on proposed repeal of the second amendment: ‘NO WAY’

Trump also seemed to campaign off the idea that the second amendment may be repealed if the US did not vote for Republicans in 2018.
Participants hold up signs as students and gun control advocates hold the "March for Our Lives" event demanding gun control after recent school shootings at a rally in Washington.

A former Supreme Court Justice wants the 2nd Amendment to be repealed — here’s how new gun laws could save lives

Gun control laws could help prevent gun violence. Groups like the NRA argue that laws about guns violate the 2nd Amendment. Stevens has an idea for a solution.
Students and young people leading the "March for Our Lives" rally in Washington on Saturday.

Meet the 6 impressive teenagers who are leading a massive gun-control movement after the Parkland massacre

Students galvanized by the Valentine's Day massacre in Parkland, Florida, are calling for stricter gun regulations in the US and an end to gun violence.
A Dick's Sporting Goods store in Broomfield, Colorado. Dick's Sporting Goods changed its gun-sales policies in February.

Dick’s faced boycott threats when it changed its gun policies — but the majority of America agrees with the retailer

Customers threatened to boycott Dick's Sporting Goods when it changed its gun-sales policies, but the data shows those threats haven't been backed by action.
Emma Gonzalez speaking at the March for Our Lives event in Washington on Saturday.

A doctored photo showing a prominent Parkland shooting survivor ripping up the Constitution went viral on right-wing social media

A doctored photo of Parkland shooting survivor Emma González went viral on social media, the latest example of the right-wing attacks on the young survivors.

Here’s how guns are regulated around the world

Following multiple mass shootings in the US, politicians are pushing to change law on gun control. Here's how countries from Germany to Australia regulate guns.