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People are stockpiling assault-style rifles after the Florida school shooting

Sales of assault-style rifles are surging in the aftermath of the Florida school shooting that killed 17 students and staff members.
Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe

Bumble is removing all the photos of people with guns in its dating app

There will be exceptions for law enforcement and military personnel, but any other photos of guns will be removed from the Bumble dating app.
Do you own gun stocks?

There’s a straightforward way to find out if gun stocks are in your retirement fund

Morningstar has a long list of retirement funds that own any of the three gun manufacturers.
2016's "Doom" is an outrageously violent game. It's also really good!

One glaring piece of evidence refutes the claim that playing violent video games causes gun violence

The same video games are sold all over the world, yet gun violence is far more prevalent in the United States than anywhere else.
Gun control is a divisive issue in the US. This map shows the searches for "gun control" and "gun shop" over the past week.

Google reveals how America really feels about guns in two maps

Gun control is a divisive topic in the US — and nothing makes that more clear than Google maps of searches for gun control and for gun shops.

Traders are making a fortune betting against gun stocks

Short sellers have made more than $41 million over the past week betting against the stocks of gun makers.
TSA agents are finding record numbers of guns in carry-on bags.

More people are trying to bring guns onto planes than ever before — and most of them are loaded

The TSA found 104 firearms in carry-on bags the week before the Parkland shooting, which set a new weekly record for the agency.
Joseph Barbarito holds a sign as he waits for protesters to deliver a petition to Walmart in Danbury, Connecticut January 15, 2013. The petition was signed by about 300,000 citizens nationwide urging Walmart, the nation's largest gun retailer, to halt sales of assault weapons and munitions nationwide. Walmart stopped selling assault-style weapons in 2015.

Walmart follows Dick’s Sporting Goods’ lead in raising age minimum for gun purchases in the wake of Florida school shooting

Walmart said it will raise the minimum age required to purchase guns at its stores.

Dick’s Sporting Goods will stop selling assault-style rifles after selling gun to suspect in Florida school shooting

Dick's Sporting Goods says it will stop selling assault-style weapons and will require gun buyers to be at least 21 years old.
Ashley Kurth, a teacher at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, asked Sen. Marco Rubio a question at a CNN town hall on gun violence on Wednesday, February 21, 2018.

Florida teacher who sheltered dozens of students lays out a simple explanation for why arming faculty won’t work

Florida teacher Ashley Kurth asked Sen. Marco Rubio if she is now expected to "serve and protect" in addition to her responsibilities educating students.