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A young Daniel Radcliffe in one of the Harry Potter movies.

There is a new chapter in Harry Potter’s story — and it was written by artificial intelligence

The people over at Botnik Studios trained a computer with all of the original novels from J.K. Rowling, and the machine created a three-page chapter out of it.

GOP congressman blasts ‘Dumbledore’s Army’ at top consumer watchdog in letter filled with Harry Potter references

Republican Rep. Dennis Ross took aim at the employees who have labeled themselves "Dumbledore's Army" in an effort to resist a Trump-appointed acting director.

The team behind ‘Pokémon Go’ is creating a Harry Potter game for smartphones

Niantic is partnering with WB Games to create a game based on Harry Potter that sounds a lot like Niantic's smash-hit Pokémon Go.

Drake says he might spend $160,000 on a first-edition ‘Harry Potter’ book he’s been chasing for 4 years

In a new Hollywood Reporter profile, Drake said that he has been pursuing a first-edition copy of the first "Harry Potter" book for four years.

‘Harry Potter’ has sparked huge demand for pet owls in Asia — and environmental campaigners are worried

Owls have become so popular that they are now known as "Harry Potter birds" in Indonesia, researchers said.