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The fate of her fortune remains unknown.

Meet Abigail Kawananakoa, Hawaii’s intensely private ‘last princess’ who’s locked in a battle for control over her $215 millio...

Abigail Kawananakoa is Hawaii's last princess. She is currently involved in a legal battle to win back control of her $215 million fortune.

What it’s like to pretend to live on Mars for 8 months

NASA is studying how humans handle long-term isolation to be better prepared for possible future missions to Mars. Here's what it's like.
An electronic sign reads "There is no threat" in Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.

The false-alarm missile alert in Hawaii was much more of a disaster than previously thought

A Hawaii Emergency Management Agency employee was fired after sending an emergency alert warning of a ballistic missile to the entire state.
An illustration of a nuclear explosion in a city.

If a nuclear weapon is about to explode, here’s what a safety expert says you can do to survive

When a missile scare sent Hawaiians scrambling in fear of a North Korean nuclear warhead, many people didn't know what to do or where to take shelter.

A password for the Hawaii emergency agency was hiding in a public photo, written on a Post-it note

While the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency says a false missile alert was not a hack, a password in a photo has drawn criticism of its security practices.
A screen capture from a Twitter account showing a missile warning for Hawaii

Here’s the incomprehensible screen that led Hawaii to send a terrifying missile alert by mistake

The false missile message sent out in Hawaii on Saturday was triggered by a confusing and poorly designed alert system.

The Hawaii worker who ‘pressed the wrong button’ has been reassigned

The civil defense employee "feels terrible" about sending the false alert.

Hawaii governor promises false missile alert ‘will never happen again’

David Ige said "steps have been taken" to prevent this from happening again, but also called for the US to de-escalate tensions with North Korea.